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Ready to take your therapy practice from unorganized and unsure to thriving and profitable? 

your therapy practice.

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From overwhelmed,

Let’s be honest, your therapy practice needs better systems and structure so that you can avoid yet another burnout but you just don't know where to start

You’re stuck in a cycle of overbooking your schedule to stressing where your next client is coming from. You’re spending hours in the practice but your bank account doesn't exactly reflect that. You’re barely tracking your finances and have no idea how to make financial savvy choices. You get caught up in a cycle of guilt when you think of raising your prices. You’re always playing catch up when it comes to admin work and client notes.

sound familiar?

and having a full client roster, but zero time for life.


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But what if I told you that my first attempt at private practice was a total flop? Thankfully I gave it another go, scaled it to multiple six figures, and currently have a team of 12 therapists, 3 registered dietitians, and a leadership team. We now have two booked and flourishing group practices that are run by incredible office managers.

My passion to see you grow stems from 12+ years of recovery from an eating disorder and making it my mission to further the healing journey of others from diet culture.

Once I learnt the secrets behind successful scaling my business to X figures, I then started mentoring and coaching other Therapists to do the same. Not only do I help you strengthen your foundation of your practice, I help you feel confident in your daily actions so that you’re not wasting your time trying to figure it out on your own. 

But what if I told you that my first attempt at private practice was a total flop?

Restored Purpose Counseling, my group practice, grew from a small solo practice to a thriving group practice in under three years. 

Business Coaching

let’s get you flourishing with

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It's not just another business program; it's a supportive community where you not only get a sounding board that can guide you in your business but you finally get to meet fellow therapists who are also growing their practices. 

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Building and scaling your therapy practice can be fun.. but if you find yourself fueled by caffeine day in and day out, it's a sure sign that something needs to change. The hustle can take its toll and there’s no time to recover from another burnout. 

Maybe you’re enjoying the business side of your therapy practice, but lately, you’ve started to feel like you're navigating uncharted waters. Doubt is starting to creep in because it feels like you must have your finger on every pulse, constantly juggling the client roster, finances, networking and the admin stuff that never seems to get done.

replace "trial and error" with tried-and-true strategies

Navigating the business side of therapy can be daunting. Feeling you thought you'd never have as a therapist suddenly lingering around for way too long. The truth is, doubt, scarcity mindset and imposter syndrome are not your battles alone.

But with my guidance, you'll know how to navigate then so that they no longer live rent free in your head space.


from uncertainty to

Overwhelm shouldn't be a constant companion on your journey. I mean, we tell our clients that so why should we be any different?

Together, we'll get crystal clear on all your business systems and operations so that your practice is manageable, efficient, and enjoyable.


from overwhelm to

If you've ever felt isolated in this venture of growing and scaling your therapy practice, you're not alone.

I believe in the power of community, where your questions find answers, and your doubts find support which is exactly why you'll not only get hot seat coaching but a text chat channel for real time support. 


from isolation to

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Payments can be made in 1, 2, or 3 month increments.

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Getting the full picture of your Eating Disorder clients can be as intricate as crafting the perfect cup of coffee. You might feel like you’re constantly doubting yourself or like you’re not equipped to really make an impact. 

Here’s the thing, building the confidence and competency to treat Eating Disorder clients doesn't come overnight. 

With CEDS Consultations, I customize the support to match your needs so that nothing blindsides you from meeting all the CEDS requirements to successfully counseling your clients. 

From fine-tuning your client treatment plans to providing guidance on strategic decisions that fuel your professional growth, consider me your dedicated partner in your journey to becoming a confident & competent CEDS Therapist. 

Removing the guesswork and hitting complete on the CEDS checklist can be daunting. 

CEDS Consultation

Turning your eating disorder therapy up a notch with 

Hey, I’m Jessie, mom of 2 and owner of a booked out and busy therapy practice in Florida.  

Success didn't come overnight for me. In fact, I failed hard before my therapy practice started to take off. Let me share with you some of the gory details so you know that you’re not alone in the struggles you might be facing today....

I was constantly on a hamster wheel filling up my schedule with more patients than I can count. Not because I wanted such a chaotic and exhausting schedule, but because I wanted to create some financial stability for myself & my family. 

But instead of doing that, I ended up being exhausted and burnt out. I couldn't be present and truly enjoy my life because I was trying everything under the sun to build my therapy practice and it was consuming me. 

One day I had ENOUGH. I couldn't continue down that path. It wasn't healthy and the therapist in me decided it's time for a change. And that's when I decided to STOP filling up my roaster and start thinking about group practice. 

That’s how I was able to run not just one, but two flourishing practices both based In Florida. You see my problem was thinking I had to do it all but in doing so, I spread myself so thin and did a crappy job at everything. Once I built a strong foundation, I was able to get support in the areas that wasn't my expertise or even bring in team members to take over things I did not ever see myself enjoy doing. 

Now my mission is to help you stop feeling overwhelmed so you can create a thriving and flourishing business without burning out or worrying about your overhead expenses. 

Eating Disorder Therapist
Group Practice Owner
CEDS Consultant

lmhc, ceds-c

Jessie Huebner

hey there, clinician!

Jessie is an expert when it comes to counseling and eating disorder treatment. I have seen first hand the work Jessie does in numerous contexts within this space from providing therapy, to directing and managing programs, and to instilling her knowledge and expertise to other clinicians through clinical supervision. I highly recommend Restored Purpose Counseling to anyone seeking healing.

Sarah Davis, LPC, LMHC, CEDS-S

I hired Jessie to help guide me in the business side of owning a private counseling practice. Jessie has a high level of professional counseling and business expertise, which has helped me grow my business in a manner that is authentic and aligned with my desired pace of growth. Through her guidance, Jessie has taught me to couple my skill set with key business strategies to increase referral rates, access area networking opportunities, and exceed profitability goals.

Molly Dyer, LMHC, LCPC

Jessie is extremely knowledgeable and has years experience as a clinician which is very helpful to guide professionals in supervision. I am very lucky to have found her and grateful she is assisting me with I would highly recommend her and her practice for supervision, eating disorder treatment and therapy.


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Let's face it, diet culture sucks. And it can be helpful to constantly remind ourselves (and others!) that we are doing the best we can and are taking care of
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Let's face it, diet culture sucks. And it can be helpful to constantly remind ourselves (and others!) that we are doing the best we can and are taking care of ourselves. With shirts, mugs, cards, and more, the Jessie Huebner merch shop is the perfect stop for the gentle reminders and gifts for others.

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